Preserved Fern Moss

با توجه به اینکه فعالیت ما متمرکز بر تولید انبوه و پخش عمده محصولات مرتبط با دیوار سبز و گرین‌وال می‌باشد، متناسب با حجم خرید شما، قیمت‌ها و آفر‌های فروش اختصاصی خواهیم داشت که برای اطلاع از آن می‌بایست با شماره زیر تماس حاصل کرده یا از قسمت چت آنلاین وب‌سایت با همکاران پشتیبانی در ارتباط باشید.

Product code: M2

Dense texture

It has pine-like leaves

Suitable for mossy green walls


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Stabilized Fern Moss

Stabilized cypress moss is the natural moss in the Thuidium moss family.

Every pseudo-leaf in these mosses looks like a pine tree.

They have a dense texture and are very popular because of their light green color.

All production processes of this product from planting to harvesting mosses and quality control of products are done completely manually.

This moss can create a suitable substrate or background for setting different plants. Also, can create a complete and eye-catching green wall alone.

In addition to high coverage, the high flexibility of this product allows creative designers to implement any design and idea.

Stabilizing mosses are very light. Easy working with this material is another notable feature.

Currently, this moss wall product is stored and offered in the BestMoss online shop.

Additional information
Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 15 cm

نیم متر مربع, یک متر مربع

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