About BestMoss

Bestmoss consists of 2 subcategories of stabilized products and terrarium products.

we have started its work since 2016 in the field of supplying all kinds of moss for humid environments specially.

From November of the same year, the research of the Best Moss team in the field of preserved moss and plants began. In December of 2016, the practical phase and initial production of Best Moss stabilized products were carried out for the tests until December of 2018.

Now, after many years of effort, we are proud that as the first moss and plant production factory in the Middle East, we can market these products with the best quality at the global level.

Research and development group

This group has been able to identify more than 32 types of moss and more than 12 different types of ferns, and we have cultivated and marketed 19 types of mosses and 8 types of ferns.

Also, by conducting many researches and studies and more than 1200 cases of trial and error, the Best Mas scientific group succeeded in achieving the most durable stabilization method under patent number 104766 in February of 2019. Best Moss products are completely competitive with big companies in this field.

Breeding and production group

The breeding department consists of trained people to grow and maintain mosses in suitable conditions, as well as harvesting, cleaning, insecticides and fungicides.

The annual production of about 25,000 packages of moss and ferns for humid environments like terrariums,  and more than 1,500 square meters of moss and 5,000 bunches of plants for preserved green moss walls are carried out in compliance with international principles and standards.

Protecting the environment and Best Moss

Every year, Best Moss Group carries out activities to preserve the environment of mosses and ferns so that we can leave this divine gift to future generations.

Among these, we can mention planting 1500 trees, sprinkling 15000 square meters of moss and 850 square meters of different types of ferns (about 20 to 60 thousand pieces) in environments prone to growth in the last three years.

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