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Natural Plants

Established mosses and plants are the same natural mosses and plants that are grown or collected from suitable, sustainable, natural sources in a controlled manner. Therefore, looking at these products, you do not see a difference between a living plant and a stabilized plant. All steps from collection to final production of the product are done completely manually and with the highest quality.

No Maintenance Required

Moss and natural plants are fixed after harvesting through a special and formulated process or so-called fixed. Stabilized products have virtually no need for soil, water, light, pruning or any plant care, and at the same time their appearance, like other plants, is preserved or stabilized. The maintenance and care of these products is really zero.


The only option to enjoy both nature and your green wall and to have a great sound insulation for human suffering in your environment, is to use moss walls. Depending on the type and density of moss in their texture, mosses absorb 20 to 40% of noise and environmental noise, which is more than other building materials.

Air Conditioner

Moss is one of the best air purifiers in nature. So that they are capable only in dimensions 4 Square meters As much as 250 mature trees absorb air pollution. Mosses are the best adsorbent for volatile organic compounds due to their high porosity in their texture. Because stabilized mosses still retain their porosity and absorb environmental moisture, they are always absorbing these harmful organic substances. Due to the lack of photosynthesis, moss walls do not produce oxygen, but are always absorbing volatile organic compounds along with dust into their tissue and turning them into masses and storing them.

No Repair and Service Costs

One of your biggest worries about running other green walls is whether you are able to maintain and take care of them. Do you have the necessary knowledge about fertilizing, pruning, etc. for plants? Your Green Wall smart systems will not need service? Aren’t you worried about green wall pesticide solutions? Therefore, in order to maintain and service your green wall, you have to pay exorbitant costs to companies and individuals for servicing and maintaining your green wall. This is while the moss walls do not need any maintenance and service and remain the same as the first day for years.

Very Easy to Install

Moss walls can be placed on the wall as a photo frame. You can also have ready-made adhesive panels and stick them on any surface you like like a sticker. Moss walls do not need any substructure and can be placed on any surface such as wood, metal, glass, etc. For larger moss walls, you have two options, one is to have the panels prepared in the moss clamping workshop and only put them together in your place. Of course, in this method, you will have the least time and dirty work at the installation site. Second, the installation operation should be performed from the zero stage to the final stage of work in the desired location.

Anti Dust

The antistatic property for mosses is only to prevent the penetration of dust into the color of mosses and to prevent damage to them. This means that the mosses that have this property, their color will remain fresh and bright for a longer time. This property will not prevent the absorption of dust and air purification in any way, and your moss wall will always be absorbing dust and volatile organic compounds from the environment.

Very low flame

Since glycol and glycerin-like oily substances are the basis of stabilization formulations, these products have a very low flame resistance and ignite quickly. Using the knowledge of the world, Best Moss research team has been able to reduce the amount of this flame to the standard degree of C-s1, d0. Low flame products can be customized and produced in large quantities.

Variety in Design and Execution

Close your eyes, visualize the desired design, now that design can be easily implemented with Moss Wall! moss walls are applicable in any size and design. You can easily place your company logo on the ceiling of your conference room or you can even create a picture of someone’s face on the wall with moss. Flex moss is flexible up to 180 degrees and can cover any element.

Away from Direct Sunlight

moss walls do not require any kind of light sources (natural and artificial) and even the color of the moss disappears over time when exposed to direct sunlight. To use mosses for optimal longevity, it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight. For example, if your moss wall is exposed to direct sunlight for 2 to 3 hours every day, it will last 3 to 5 years. Of course, you can use a variety of lamps and lights to decorate your mossy wall to be more beautiful.

Away from Water Particles and High Humidity

With all the benefits of moss green walls, you should be aware that they can be used indoors. Indoor environments generally have a humidity of 30 to 40%, which is also suitable for humans. Never place stabilized products in humidity above 60 or 70% as this will reduce their shelf life. moss wall do not need irrigation, and even irrigating them reduces their shelf life and eliminates the need for stabilization.

Green Moss Wall Buying Guide

Mossy green walls have very new and luxurious designs in interior decoration. In this article, we try to introduce and compare their types, to accompany you in purchasing and decision making. Because this material is extremely flexible in design and execution. So that you can imagine any design you have in mind with these natural and stabilized mosses. read more

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